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Wire EDM

Wire EDM Experience – Since 1983

Wire EDM is an acronym for “Electrical Discharge Machining”. This is a process that removes electrically conductive material through an “electrical sparking” action. This is accomplished by rapidly recurring, controlled electrical discharges between the work piece and a moving brass wire. The discharges occur millions of time per second.

This technology is pretty much like cutting a part with a “vertical band saw” whose blade thickness is no larger that .004” – .012” in diameter. But, unlike a band saw, wire EDM is cutting with a continuously spooling “brass wire”, And, unlike a band saw, there is no pressure exerted on the wire or on the work piece while cutting. The wire never actually touches the work. Sparking occurs across a 0.0002” – 0.0003” gap that is always present between the wire and the work piece. Therefore, there is no need to use heavy clamps or straps to hold the part in place. Oftentimes, “crazy glue” is sufficient.

Wire EDM applications can be characterized as producing extremely exacting tolerances that would, otherwise, be very difficult or impossible to achieve. Since there are no cutting tools to wear out, this technology produces the same high precision parts, time after time. Here at LIGI, one of our specialties is Wire EDM.

Fast Wire EDM Operations
Custom Wire EDM Jobs

We specialize in Wire EDM applications. With our (6) Wire EDM machines, our customers can count on us for a quick response. Through the years, LIGI’s Wire EDM skills have been honed to a science.

Wire EDM Equipment List
  • 6 – Wire CNC EDM (FANUC) (14.5 x 19.5 x 16″ Under Wire)(Z Axis = 16”)
  • 1 – CNC EDM “Hole Popper”
  • 1 – EDM Manual “Hole Popper”