Letter to our Customers

June 2020 – 3220 SW 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442

Here at LIGI, one of our greatest achievements was being recognized as a supplier and participating in the success of the International Space Station. We were honored to be part of this project and this success gave the company great pride in the achievement. So much so that today we are one of the major suppliers involved in providing parts for major aerospace companies. The launch of the first manned, commercial supplied delivery system, on Saturday May 30th, was a success for companies in the United States. LIGI shared in and celebrated this success.

We hope the current situation with COVID19 is not having a large negative impact on your daily business. There are many companies, both small and large, having tough times and struggling to get through this situation. We understand these issues since all of us in the industry have been impacted in some way.

Over the past few months our staff has been kept in place and been able to meet customer needs as well as work with them in the areas of timing, delivery and payment terms.

­­We have the manufacturing and engineering necessary to meet customer demands at all levels. As a reminder our industry expertise has included, aerospace, aircraft, military, electronics, high technology in the IC manufacturing sector, various prototype development projects, diesel fuel parts development, automotive, medical and many, many more. We have been successful in all areas.

Over the years Domenic Mucciacciaro built this company, named for his two daughters, into a recognized manufacturing institution in south Florida. His skill and expertise benefited many customers over the 35 plus years and was part of their success. However, as with all of us, there comes a time, as the former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Chuck Noll was quoted, “when you need to get on with the rest of your life’s work.” After many years Domenic passed LIGI on to new owners. However not only did his daughters stay on but the same staff, expertise and knowledge stayed with the company. The name LIGI, as an institution, will live on.

As a former or current customer, we would like to thank you for your support and trust in LIGI to provide parts necessary to meet your demand. LIGI prides itself on developing long term partnerships with our customers and providing quality, reasonably priced parts.

In addition to the existing knowledge base, the new owners, RAVE Manufacturing Inc., brought additional experienced staff and equipment to complement the existing expertise.  RAVE LLC, the parent company at the time, was a recognized leader in the manufacture of high-tech capital equipment. Its customers are the who’s who in the worldwide manufacturer of integrated circuits. LIGI, as a supplier of some of the most difficult parts necessary to ensure the accuracy of RAVE’s equipment, was a natural fit. It would also allow LIGI to benefit from adding additional high-tech design, engineering and manufacturing expertise including critical assembly processes.  This knowledge would then benefit LIGI’s current customer base.

LIGI continues to operate out of its Deerfield Beach, Florida location in a 44,000 sq. Ft facility that encompasses machining, engineering and assembly capability. We have excellent access to all transportation venues.

LIGI has expanded our equipment to include the latest 5 axis milling capability to complement our current 5 axis cell. We have large, medium and small table machines giving us the ability to machine up to 60 inches. All programming is done in-house with qualified ME staff.

Our EDM cell is capable of machining down to .005 radius and we have added an experienced machinist to oversee this cell. We currently have 6 EDM machines to meet customer’s needs.

We include 3 Axis milling and turning mills, surface grinding and a manual machining cell to complement all manual requirements. There are plans in place to add critical ID/OD grinding capability, heat treat and other much needed processes to meet customer requirements.

In addition, the company has added new, latest technology, inspection equipment. This equipment is needed to support the ongoing technology requiring smaller and tighter dimensions. We have also added multi-shift well-seasoned inspection staff.  This is extremely relevant in the aerospace and high-tech industries. An ever-growing industry where accurate parts and timely delivery are critical to their success.

The management at LIGI are well seasoned manufacturing personal who have over 80 combined years in all forms of manufacturing. We also pride ourselves on the current veterans employed and continue to support the hire veteran’s approach when possible. We are and will continue to be a US based company using US provided materials and labor. Our plan is to send updates to our customers on a monthly basis. If there are major events that might benefit our customers, we will reach out to you with these updates.

Again, LIGI will be here to provide our customers with the best possible solution to your manufacturing needs.

We at LIGI would like to thank you again for being a customer over the years. Hopefully, we can continue to aide in your success. If you have any questions you can reach us 954-332-2921.

Sincerely, Rick Greece

Vice President & General Manager


Media Contact:
954-427-8405 Ext. 3055